Los Angeles, CA

This picture is of Marmee inspecting the videocam attached to my husband's computer.

Marmee and his family and friends were feral cats living mostly in the neighbor's back yard when we started feeding, neutering, and taming them in 1997, after we got married.

Marmee lives in our apartment. He chose my husband as his person. He has allergic bronchitis, so we got air ionizers and give him medication. My theory is that he knew he was sick and didn't want to live outdoors where he might become the prey of a Hollywood Hills coyote who could hear him cough.

We have neutered 15 cats by now, including his parents, brother, aunt, and uncle. About ten cats come to our door regularly for their breakfast and dinner. Four of them sleep over quite frequently. We put flea medication on them and take them to the vet when they've had a fight with a possum and gotten scratched with those long claws (only twice).They're good cats, well behaved.