Melbourne, Australia

She is 9 years old. A kelpie (Australian cattle dog), Labrador, greyhound, corgi cross. She is often mistaken for a dingo.

She originally came from the Victorian Market here in Melbourne Australia.

She originally belonged to our receptionist who could not keep her. My wife Jane & I got her when she was three months old.

She has the most beautiful nature and is very loving. We have an 18 month old son (Mitchell) who adores her, the feeling is reciprocated. One day I heard giggling coming from the lounge room and I came out to find them
licking each others tongues.

Before we knew we were going to have a baby, Buffy started to ignore us and stopped sleeping on our bed until a month before he was born. We are now expecting our second child and she has done the same thing, perhaps she is psychic? Once the baby arrived she took to him like he was her own, she would wake us up to tell us that he was crying or making any sort of noise.

She is very camera shy so this is one of the few good photos we have of her. Once I held a hole punch up to my eye and she ran out of the room thinking it was a camera.

We hope that cloning technology will be available one day as we think that we could never replace her as she is just the most wonderful friend you could ever imagine.