Sherman Oaks, CA

Holo my name is Georgia and I have a dog named Cosworth.

Coswirth is the first dog I ever had. And he will all ways be the best dog. Now would you like to here the story how we found him? It's a great story. Well a long-long time ago befor my little sister and I were born my parents lived in a house. It had a long fense around it. Now someone had this dog. And wall my parents were at a meeting they put their dog in the fence. One of my parents nabors saw him. And when my parents got back their friend told them about the dog. They took the dog in and gave him some food and water. He didn't let anyone touch him. Finely he let my mom touch him. That's the story about Coswirth. Now I am 7 and I am writing this for him because he is a great dog. He is allmost 14 years old!


My sister Veronica took this picture of Coswirth resting. She is 4.