West Hollywood, CA

Linsi is the best dog ever. My brother and I got her when she was just a little puppy at a farm in San Dimas, CA.

Believing the farmers who sold us to her, we paid $300 thinking she was a Labrador. But the first time I saw her, I fell in love with her little puppy-self. I knew then that she was my dog.

Obviously, she grew up to be a Dingo-like little baby creature. She's now almost 3 years old, and because I still think she's the puppy I first saw - I continue to wait for her to grow into a Labrador.

She likes going on walks, cuddling, and being a little rascal.

She likes to be protected of the ones that love her.

She loves being in the company of other dogs.

Her special talents are finding tennis balls at Runyon Canyon - her favorite spot for hikes.

She's super energetic and loves life.

She enjoys getting presents from her adopted uncles in Chicago and Denver.

Her best dog-friend, Venus, lives next door.

She never left the state of CALIFORNIA – and doesn’t want to.

She's a dog-genius.