Dorian Gray
Ontario, Canada

Dorian passed on in March 1998 after giving us all of his attention, (or did he get all of ours) for 10 years.

The following poem by our friend and neighbour best expresses our thoughts and feelings about Dorian.


When the day of judgment comes
and we're called before the throne
fearful of our pending fate
as we face God all alone
measured by the game we've played
every inning of each day
in a world gone wrong with endless greed
and human disarray
but, as the gavel summons us
from that long awaiting slew
our pets will get approving nods
and freely slither through
'cause God smiles on his furry friends
who frolic in the sun
in innocence and wonderment
...all strangers to the gun
if we could love like Dorian Gray
we'd rid mankind of woes
wars would cease for evermore
and friends would merge with foes
the world would be a better place
if nothing more than that
we love you, sweet, big Dorian Gray
our neighbour's "Supercat"!

Alexander G. Tait

October 18, 1995

Dorian was a big cat who weighed in in his prime at 26 pounds.