Atlanta, GA

He was huge. He was loving. He was one of the most sociable animals that ever lived. If you were in a room, he'd want to be near you. No. He wanted to be right next to you. Touching you (see photo below). People responded to that. They were used to cats that were stand-offish. He was the opposite. He loved attention and returned affection enormously. Not just with people.

He loved other cats. If a new cat came into the neighborhood, they would approach him with fear, backs raised, hissing. He would look at them like they were crazy. Soon, the new cat would learn that Fatboy wasn't going to attack them and they'd blend into the neighborhood rhythm, with Fatboy the centerpiece, the celebrity, the great Poobah.

When people came to our house to visit, he was the star of the show. For instance, my brother had not visited my home for five years. When he saw Fatboy, he took a roll of film of nothing but "The Greatest Cat". He took two pictures of me and my wife. I think he felt obliged.

After fifteen years of life, Fatboy passed away. My wife and I were with him when he died. One of the saddest days of my life.

I wanted to pay this tribute to him because he was such a wonderful presence in my life and in the life of my family. If I could've cloned him, I would have. Fatboy. He was the best.