New Tecumseth, Ontario, Canada

I adopted Rudy from a local dog shelter 14 years ago. She was a very timid and frightened six month old border collie when I discovered her. When we arrived home my children were ecstatic. Rudy however we learned quickly had been abused and was not ready to share this newfound, fun home with the "Lord of the Manor." You see, immediately upon laying eyes on my husband she began a rather loud and tedious barking and grumbling session but with patience, time and a wonderful trainer she grew into a very loving and faithful family member. 

I have many, many fond memories to remember her by. Memories of baths she detested but endured... jumping in flowerbeds which I had painstakingly encouraged to grow so she could rescue her ball or chase the waterhose... chasing chipmunks tirelessly at the cottage one summer... then pouting all the way home in the car because it meant no  more roaming and hunting unleashed.

My absolute favorite memory of Rudy is her waiting for my arrival home from work so we can go sit by the fishpond together before dinner. She tagged along while I struggled with a handful of doggie treats, fish food and my coffee. Once there she would share the fish pellets with our goldfish, snack on her treats and sit by my feet watching the fish nibble at their food.

Rudy asked very little of our family and gave so much love and support to all of us. She was our friend and protector throughout her 14 years with us.

Rudy had a stroke August 17th of this year and upon my arriving home from a late shift at work I immediately took her for her last ride to the vets to enable her a peaceful and painless journey to Doggie Heaven where I hope she is happy and enjoying a 2nd life!


"The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it."